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    14-day test drive

    Test drive your car for 14 days

    Take your average test drive, which lasts around 15 minutes. Multiply that by 1344 (random number we know but bear with us, it’ll be worth it). By our calculations that should give you 20,160 minutes. That’s how long you’ll get to test drive one of eCars’ cars. A 14-day test drive that gives you the opportunity to test out your car in real life and not just in a 15-minute snapshot.

    So, do you have motorway madness to contend with on the daily commute? Are you a family of five with equal drop-off points every morning and evening? Do you stop and shop every day for essentials or stock up weekly for a fridge refill? Are you a regular at the local park with Buster and Buddy or do you spend all your free time gallivanting? Whatever your car is used for, you’ll get a chance to try it out with our 14-day test drive, or 20,160 minutes, whichever you prefer.

    We’re pretty sure your fantastic research skills will have led you to your perfect car, but just in case you find you’ve made a mistake, your car can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. As you’d expect, we do have some terms and conditions regarding cancellation within your 14-day test drive period, but we don’t want to kill the vibe here, so we’ve given them their own little page where they can tell you all about what’s on and what’s not on when it comes to returning your car.

    Anyhow, enough about getting your car back to us, we want you to be so happy with your shiny new (used) car you don’t ever want to part with it. Our 14-day test drive is more about our commitment to creating a relationship with customers that is built on trust, where we all know where we stand and we’re happy to be standing there; on common ground.

    Customer review : Stephen's 14-day test drive

    Steve was the first customer to take advantage of our 14-day test drive option. He had purchased the car of his dreams and travelled 222 miles to collect. During our 7th day catch up call, Steve explained he was going to have to return the car. We were keen to find out what was his reason for giving the car back to us.

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