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The Badge of 7 Honours

The story behind our Badge of 7 Honours goes something like this. When eCars247 talks about making the used car buying process easier for customers, we’re not just using empty words. We exist to make the experience of buying a used car better than it currently is.

Bad of 7 honours

We’ve done lots of research behind the scenes to find out how we can achieve this better experience and what we offer is a result of this. Creating trust in eCars247 is top on our list of priorities. And what better way to lay the foundations for a relationship built on trust than starting off with a product our customers can have confidence in?

So, we set in motion a plan to come up with an agreed standard that all our cars should meet, a standard everyone working at eCars247 would recognise as ours and, in time, our customers would too. A standard that reassures simply by its communication. A standard that instils pride. A standard to aspire to. A Badge of 7 Honours.

To wear our Badge of 7 Honours, all eCars247’s cars will meet the following criteria:
  1. Come with a minimum of 6 months’ manufacturer’s warranty
  2. Have been driven less than 30,000 miles
  3. Be a one owner vehicle (documented)
  4. Possess full service history
  5. Be price checked against the rest of the used car market
  6. Have a spare key
  7. Be a desirable car/ a car people want to buy

Once we all agree they meet the desired standard our cars are then AA Inspected and prepped for sale. We then place a small, invisible badge (of 7 honours) on the steering wheel of every eCars247 car and they’re good to go.


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