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    At eCars247 we know that finding a used car can seem like a bit of a minefield of information, so we’ve compiled the following list of frequently asked questions below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, have a browse through our blog or don’t hesitate to contact us through our online chat facility.

    Why should I buy from eCars247?

    We’re aiming to make used car buying a simpler and more enjoyable experience, so we’ll get straight to the point. Or in this case, six points:

    • We make it easy to find and buy your perfect car online, then have it delivered to your door
    • We offer instant finance on all our cars, with just £100 deposit
    • All our stock is HPI checked and AA inspected and comes with a minimum of 6 months’ warranty, so you can buy with total peace of mind
    • We offer a 14-day test drivewith no quibble return
    • All our stock is one owner with full service history and a spare key
    • And finally, but not least importantly, in the words of Bryan Adams – everything we do, we do it for you. We’re motivated to make the experience of buying a used car a much better one. And we always will be

    Which car should I buy, petrol or diesel?

    There’s no right or wrong here. The choice between petrol or diesel depends upon an individual’s circumstances. Fuel prices change regularly, and the difference in costs is minimal these days. Consider the following in line with how much you’re likely to use your car:
    • Diesel cars tend to be more fuel-efficient – you can generally get further on diesel using the same amount of fuel as petrol if travelling at the same speed
    • Petrol cars are often cheaper to purchase and service than diesel cars
    • Diesel cars are usually cheaper to insure
    • Performance of modern diesel cars matches petrol cars
    • Diesel filters can become blocked if your main driving is town and city-related


    Should I buy a used car or the cheapest new car available?

    This is very much dependent on personal circumstances, how much you have to spend, the model you wish to drive and how many miles you’re likely to be putting in. The price of a used car will almost always be lower than a new version, and you may be able to get a bigger, snazzier motor for your money if buying used over brand new. A used car’s value will not depreciate as quickly as a new car, and making a purchase through eCars247 ensures your motor will be HPI-cleared, fully inspected and valeted.

    Used cars: what to check for?

    Buying from eCars247 takes away the potential problems that can arise from buying a used car from a private dealer. All our cars will be HPI-cleared, fully inspected and valeted, and you’ll have a 14-day test-drive period following delivery.

    In terms of aesthetics, you should give any newly-purchased car the once over even if it’s brand new. Make sure the mileage matches the paperwork, and any wear and tear is in line with the work the car has already done. Check everything works, from lights to seat-adjusters to windows – if nothing else, such checks will ensure you’ve peace of mind before you start burning rubber.

    Why buy used cars?

    The main reason is cost. Not only are new cars more expensive to buy, but they can lose around 25% of their value in their first year of use, plus a few thousand the moment you leave the forecourt. Buying used enables more people to get on the road, and more to drive better and bigger motors for their money.

    How are used cars priced?

    At eCars247, we carry out nationwide price checks daily to ensure we can offer the best deals on all our vehicles.

    What happens if I change my mind after delivery?

    You will have a 14-day period to try your car out, so should you have any queries or change your mind during that period, please let our support team know as soon as possible. We can then answer any questions directly and arrange collection of your vehicle if it isn’t right for you.

    Do you offer finance?

    We offer instant finance(subject to acceptance) on all cars. We aim to make the whole car buying experience as straightforward as possible so with eCars247 there are no hidden extras and no added costs. Please read our finance section for more information.

    Do you offer part exchange?

    Yes! We’re able to take part exchange against any of our used cars on sale. To find out more read our part exchange information here.

    How long do I have to test drive the car?

    You’ll have 14 days to test drive your car following delivery. Compare this to the average test drive of 15 minutes and you’ve ample time to get to know your new vehicle inside and out.

    Will I be insured during the test drive period?

    Customers will need to arrange their own insurance for the 14-day test drive period.