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    eCars247 MOT history check

    Check the MOT status of your vehicle - for free!

    Our FREE MOT check tool sources information direct from the DVLA, and is able to provide a check for any car that has had a MOT test since 2005.

    To use the tool, simply add your registration number and click ‘Go’, and check if your MOT is valid, as well as when your next MOT is due.

    The MOT history check report provides you with:

    • MOT test date
    • MOT due date
    • Current MOT status
    • Previous MOT test results
    • Recorded mileages
    • Refusal & advisory notes

    Why is it important to know the MOT history of a used car?

    MOT inspections are to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and meets UK safety and environmental standard.

    It is a legal requirement that a vehicle holds a valid MOT certificate, and a car without a MOT cannot be taxed or insured by the owner.