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Used cars part exchange process

Looking to upgrade your car for a different model? At eCars247 we can make life easy for you through our used cars’ part exchange process. Part exchange deals on cars save you having the cost of insuring and running two motors at once, and you may be able to use your old motor as a deposit.

We’ll also collect your part exchange when we deliver your new vehicle, so you won’t have to leave your house to change your car.

eCars247 part exchange


The convenience of part exchange


Part exchange is super convenient when compared to selling your car privately. Part exchanging through eCars247 saves you the hassle of pricing, cleaning and selling your vehicle, as well as waiting for the sale to go through before you can get a new motor. We can usually offer part exchange even if your existing car has outstanding finance attached to it.

So, there’ll be no need to don the marigolds and wax your car till you can see your face in it – from the initial valuation to preparing your car for sale and driving your new motor straight to your front door, our part exchange process makes for a seamless changeover.


How part exchange works


Use our online part exchange wizard to start the process. The wizard will ask you a few simple questions and deliver a fair quote based on your answers.

eCars247 is the only company in the UK offering a valuation that we’ll stick to without seeing the car first, as long as the information we have been provided with is correct.

All part exchange quotes are generated by an independent market intelligence tool developed by Auto Trader.


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